Replay All option on emails not working?

Is there an issue with the “Send Replies to all original recipients” option for emails? It seems that if we reply to those group emails the message never comes through or is limited to the last person to respond.

This is the email address attached to our most recent group email: but I’m not sure that replies are actually going to everyone that was on the original email. Is there anyway to confirm that?

Thank you,

Hi Nick,

Was this just a normal “Send an Email”? Or what email communication were you using in TroopTrack? Were any replies ever sent through?

I was able to test this. As long as the sender is hitting “Reply All” it should be working. Maybe the replier is only replying to the last email on the thread? But if the email is on the message, everyone should see the response.

Let me know if this is still not functioning properly for you.