Email via TroopTrack

When I send an email from my personal email account (the one registered with my TT account) to a mailbox I have set up in TT (eg. the reply email address is

I feel this is confusing for our families. Can it not reply to the sender?
We have multiple users emailing so one designated reply email wouldn’t work.

So I tested this out on our end, and it appears that only the registered email gets the "" as the sender. For example, if your registered email is, and your mailing list ( includes yourself in it, everyone else should see as the reply email, while you will see the, since you wouldn’t be replying to yourself.

If this isn’t what is happening on your end, please let me know so we can take a look at it!

This isn’t whats happening. I just tested again with another leader.

I made, with members of myself and another

We both receive the email from " via" but the reply address is, for both of us.

Also, we can both see who the email was sent to, I feel BCC would be better for group emails.

And, pictures added translate to attachments and don’t show as images in emails.

Any update @KelsieC ?

Hi @Keneu, I’ve written some code to implement the reply-to and bcc changes. We’re still considering whether to push it to production or not. The pictures issue would be harder to implement.