Emailing from email client questions

I just sent me first email to a mailing list (one magic, one custom CC’ed) and when the email came through I noticed a couple of things:

  1. The “From” is set to

  2. The header image is missing.

Are these expected? Is there any way to change the From to be from the sender?


HI @pburleson,

I’m afraid we cannot change the “From” at this time. When we fully release the scoped sub-domain emails feature, this might be more of a possibility.

Header image should be there. Are you using a custom image? Are you using a mobile device? What browser and email service are you using?

Just let me know and I will look further into this.

Understood about the “From”, really looking forward to the scoped sub-domains email feature!

I am using a custom image. I had uploaded it maybe 5 minutes or so before. I used on macOS sending an email from my iCloud email address.

Later, I sent a communication through the TroopTrack site (either a sign up sheet or some other pack communication) and that email had the header image.