Sign Up Sheet Initial Email Suggestion

I’m getting started with our Pack and TroopTrack and I just sent out my first Sign Up Sheet to get volunteers for an event. I choose all the parents of our Pack for the “Assigned” list because I want any of them to choose to volunteer.

When I received the email for the sign up sheet, the subject "From : A new assignment for " implies to me that I’ve been specially assigned this task, not that it’s a sign up sheet. There’s a bit of text at the end that says “Get more information about this sign up sheet here.” with a link to the sign up sheet. But I suspect a bunch of parents, particularly the new ones, are freaking out when they get this email that they’ve been assigned this task.

I think this email should be clearer that the recipient has been added as a candidate for a sign up sheet and that there are volunteer position(s) to sign up for.



Good idea. I sent in a report and request to have the wording changed.

I wanted to reiterate the importance of this. Our Popcorn Colonel just sent out a sign up sheet at 4 in the morning. Even though I’m our Pack Trooptrack administrator, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the email “A New Assignment for”. I thought “what did he do?”. I quickly figured it out but I had to send a message out to our parents so I don’t wake up to 25 concerned emails. If you could change the words to “A Volunteer Opportunity for”, that would be very much appreciated.

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Or a customizable subject line.

I think our parents would tune out for another volunteer opportunity. :slight_smile:

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Customized subject lines would be the best solution overall.

Having one specific, hard-coded subject line into something that goes out over email when something is used in so many different ways–like these sign-up sheets–solves the problem for some users, but creates it for others.

At the end of the day, they’ll have to be customizable eventually. Might as well do it correctly the first time.

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I agree with having it customizable.