Emails Being Sent 2 Times

I’ve been encountering an issue with the email. For some reason, it seems when we push an email out it sends twice. For example, I type up an email and hit send. I then get two copies of that email in my inbox. Now, I’m not sure if that is happening because I am the admin and the who who typed the email or if that is happening to all crew members.

Either way, it seems that every email that is being sent out id being delivered twice.

It could be that you have a secondary email address set up in your profile. It will go to both your primary and secondary

Only one email is entered.

I know I only get one when others send them, but I do get two when I am the one who sends it.
As long as no one is complaining to you that they’re getting two from you, it’s probably just because you’re the one who sent it. :slight_smile: