Emails not generated for WE of 4/17-18?

Did any email messages/notifications/newsletter be sent out of TT over weekend?

I had updated a few events to send reminders this weekend and nothing went out.

Was this only limited to my pack?


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I’m seeing the same issue. Emails as listed as “QM Scheduled” or in one case “Message scheduled for re-delivery.”

I am having the same issue. This is my first time posting to the forum, so I started a new thread. Is there a way to merge them? My message:

Hello! I tried to send 4 emails out Sunday, April 18, starting at 6 PM. When none had been received by 6 AM April 19, I tried resending each of them. So far, 8:50 AM, they are still in the queue. “Email message scheduled for re-delivery.” Thank you~

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Same here - Any emails put through over the weekend have been stuck in “QM Scheduled” and when I tried to “Resend” one, it is now stuck in “Email message scheduled for re-delivery.”

Same here. I submitted a ticket but have not heard anything.

Same issue here. Can’t get any emails sent!

I can see them queued in the recently sent emails, but nothing going out.

Hi Everyone,

I wrote an explanation about the email server issue that happened over the weekend and into Monday. You can read about it here on this thread .

Thank you for your patience as the email server was trying to catch up and perform all the queued up jobs. As of this morning (Wednesday) all queued emails should have been sent. The server got through all the jobs. If you do not see emails that were previously sent or if you have any questions about emails please contact as we are more than happy to help.