Entered Achievements in error

One of our users did a bulk achievement by mistake. Is there a bulk way to reverse the awards?

I’m interested in the replies…

We did that as well by mistake and I ended up deleting them all by hand. Actually, I taught my daughter (who is well versed in TT) how to do it…

Hi @ajgoade,

I’m afraid @SRUEDU’s solution is the best one at this time. A bulk “Unachiever” could spell chaos for a lot of people. Recruiting a child to handle the deletion of all the extras is your best option for now.

Can I use the Developer API to access the data or is there an ODBC connection that I can utilize to manipulate the data?

@mlsully2002 I literally LOL’d at the recruiting a child!! I called it “bribing my daughter” with service hours if she would do it. I like the word “recruiting”, it sounds much better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: