Events relating to money account

Scenario: An event is entered for $25 a scout. Scouts register and pay for the event. Event gets cancelled. It would be nice to see the money automatically re-enter the scouts account. Currently I am forced to go into each scouts account and delete the entry. Without a roster (because it was deleted) of who registered it adds to the confusion. You would have to link the payment to the event even in the money account so when the event disappeared, so would the payment.

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Good Morning @PhillipKivel,

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I really like the way you went about this topic. The form of a scenario is very helpful to us and the rest of the community when it comes to a thorough understanding of your idea.

Before our developers can consider this, we need a little more input from the Community. Try to get as much support for it as you can.

Thank you very much for helping to make TroopTrack a better place!

Hi @PhillipKivel

Do you require payment when the scout RSVPs? That’s what we do. That way the payment is linked to the event.

Then if the event gets canceled, we go to the event and click “View All Payments” and then refund the scouts that RSVP’d and Paid. This removes the payment and effectively transfers the money from our Pack account back to each scout’s account. Then we delete the event.

Here’s what it looks like for us:

Hope this helps.

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