Event payments missing from event money account

I am reconciling our summer camp payments and expenses. Several payments made from the event account are not showin up in the money account and I can’t figure out why.

In the Event Payment History for - Woodruff Summer Camp - June 9-15, 2024 there are 36 payments recorded for the Scout fee + 4 adults - no payment as fee is $0 + 4 with a balance as checks not deposited yet. with a total of 44 attendees

When I run a report from the Event - PDF there are only 33 entries.11 Scouts are missing off of the report - seemingly random. While 7 of these missing payments are Paypal, there are also money account transfers. They are across many dates from April, May and June. The Total on the report reflects the correct amount 36 * $440 = $15,840 but the entries are missing.

When I run a report from the Event - CSV there are only 11 Scouts on this report AND they are the same 11 Scouts that are missing from the PDF report. The total reflects the sum of the entries on the report. $4562 (to include credits & debits).

When I look at the money account view the only credits listed are from the same 11 Scouts that were missing from the payment history PDF report from the event. Thankfully both the print and CSV version of the export from the money account match the onscreen view. However many payments ($11,000 - ish) are missing from the account.

I have all of the reports but I have not included them for privacy reasons. Please advise so I can finish the reconciliation process.

Your best course of action would be to send this directly to support@trooptrack.com including the reports in question as well as all of the detail here.