FIXED: Missing PayPal Payments for Events

Many TroopTrack troops who use PayPal to process payments have experienced problems using PayPal with the new shopping cart feature in TroopTrack. We appreciate everyone who reported these problems and provided feedback so that our team could get to the bottom of it.

The main problem was that some members would complete the event checkout in PayPal but the purchase would not be recorded in TroopTrack. This problem was very difficult for the TroopTrack team to figure out because our attempts to reproduce it continuously failed. It’s hard to fix a problem when it always works for us!

Today we had a breakthrough and the root cause of the problem was identified. After that it was a pretty easy fix. The fix also simplifies the checkout flow with PayPal and removes some confusion.

This fix will only apply to PayPal transactions going forward. Past transactions that were successful in PayPal but were not recorded in TroopTrack will need to be entered manually (see below for the various fixes, depending on what you are experiencing). We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone who has helped us figure out this issue.

To fix past unrecorded payments for events you will have to essentially mimic what TroopTrack does, but manually. This all depends how your troop is specifically handling and tracking payments. But generally, here is how:

First, manually RSVP for the member

Go to the event page and click Attendance > Record Attendance / RSVP. Then once on the Record Attendance page for the event, find the member you would like to manually RSVP for and change their RSVP status to the desired status in the “coming” column.

Next, manually record the event payment

When you successfully manually RSVP for someone on any paid event, on the payments page for the event you will see the ability to “Charge Fee”. When you click “Charge Fee” that will create a charge within that member’s money account.

Clicking the “Charge Fee” is the same as going to the money account of the member on the Manage > Money > Accounts page and searching for the desired member and clicking on Action > Transactions. Once you are in the account of the member you would like to manually record the event payment for, you can click on New Transaction > Pay For Something (Debit) and fill out the information in the new transaction pop up. This will then add the payment for the event to that member’s money account. But you do not need to do this if you click “Charge Fee” for that member.

Balancing your Troop’s Main Money Account

Once the transaction is recorded in the member’s personal money account, you will then need to record that transaction in your troop’s main money account.

This will now depend on how you and your troop actually handle finances within TroopTrack. If you simply use one main troop account, you will need to also record the above payment information in your troop’s main account. If your troop uses event specific accounts, you will need to record the above payment information in that event specific account.

If you have any specific questions I am more than happy to help.