PENDING: Order, Payment Successful but Missing Details & RSVP Didn’t Register

Order # = 530928-13031-d0df2953

The PayPal payment was successful, but the individual scouts who were registered show up in the event as having not RSVP’d. Also, in looking at Manager/Money/Orders/Detail, the Receipt portion shows the amount that was charged, but the details section is empty.

I spoke with the parent and here is what he recalled.

The transaction was for two events, two scouts each. So, his cart looked like this:

  • Event One, Scout One $30
  • Event One, Scout Two $30
  • Event Two, Scout One $30
  • Event Two, Scout Two $30

He checked out and was transferred to PayPal where he made the payment of $120.

When he returned to TroopTrack, the cart still had the four items in it. Since the payment went through, he emptied the cart.

When I look at the RSVP’s for the two events, the parent who did the transaction shows as Going, but the two scouts are shown as Awaiting Response.

@jjeffery I will look into the PayPal issue. In the meantime, I would manually record the RSVP for these youth.

I will do that. To be clear, the PayPal transaction went through as expected. It is the RSVP’s in TroopTrack that didn’t work as expected.

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We are having the same issue as @jjeffery. It happened that I rsvp’d paid via paypal, but it did not show me as having registered. I entered manually, however, I check the paypal account this morning and there are at least 3 other families that have paid but are not showing as registered. It certainly seems to be an issue on the TroopTrack side registering an RSVP once paid.

I am unable to change RSVP. Here is what happened.

  1. Event Date and RSVP Deadline passed.
  2. I edited the Event Date. Changed the End-Date to a date in the future.
  3. I edited the RSVP Deadline. Changed it to a date in the future.

Now the RSVP field is read-only so I can’t edit it.

You may be wondering why I did this. The Event is a Deposit Payment Deadline for Summer Camp. I had the Event Start and End Dates = 2/25/20. RSVP Deadline = 2/25/20. After the date passed, people who had missed the date wanted to register, so I extended the End Date and RSVP Deadline to 2/29/20 so they could RSVP and pay the fee.

Also, the event is still showing on the calendar as the original 2/25/20, not the current 2/25/20 - 2/29/20.

I am having the same issue. A scout RSVP’d for an event. PayPal collected the fees. Transaction shows up in Manage - Money - Order but scout is not listed on the event Roster. The PayPal transaction ID is 4YS6879669764244F, $304.12 on March 26, 2020 at 3:11:40 PM CDT. There is also an order number #681415-14995-8345de63 on the PayPal confirmation email but that DOES NOT match the order in TroopTrack which is 681415-14995-716bc98d.