Event recording and withdrawals

I am trying to plan an camping event and it seems that if a person withdraws the money:
A: doesn’t go back into their account even though the roster says they were credited
B. The person can’t be put back on the list if they change their mind (the withdrawal stays and even creates a new withdrawal line for them; so they are then withdrawn twice!

Can anyone help me : A: put someone back on a list that requires payment to RSVP and B: remove the withdraw from the list

thank you,
MP Livorsi

I have had this issue as well. The way I found to fix it was to temporarily remove the Payment Required to RSVP setting for the event, then go into the RSVP page and remove the person. You also have to go into each Money account and delete the transactions, the participant, the General and the Event account. This isn’t always required but sometimes the system does get screwed up and has to be manually reset. Then you can RSVP the person back to the event, change the event back to payment required, got to the payments page and charge their account. Of course none of this works if you are using PayPal or Stripe only if TT money accounts are just used as a tracking ledger.