RSVP payment refund for an event

I have a question. I had a scout parent that asked us to change a yes RSVP which they had paid for to a No RSVP. This was after the RSVP date had closed but we made the change as requested. When we withdrew the member we clicked the refund button. Where did the money go? It is not in the user’s money account. When I look at the payments for the event the payment the person made that withdrew does not appear on the payment history. The money is not in the event’s account and it isnt in the scout or parents account. Where is it? Do we need to manually place the money in the scout account? Is the money hiding out somewhere? Thank you.

Hi @Ravndal,

This is going to sound a little strange, but years ago we had a swarm of users ask that we change the way refunds work from, creating a refund transaction, to just cancelling the existing transaction. If it was paid using a money account, the original transaction was just deleted. If you are talking about actual money (using stripe or paypal), you will actually need to go into the service and perform a refund that way, too.

Thank you. So, to make sure I understand. The parent paid via paypal. Since
tgey paid the fee via paypal the trooptrack credit was deleted all
together. As such we can either manually issue a refund in paypal or simply
manually place the funds in the scout or parent account. Do I understand

Thank you for your help.

That is correct. If you’d like to keep the money and just give a credit to the scout’s account, you can do that, or you can log into paypal and refund it.

Seems odd that the transaction just disappears, I have my treasure and the scout account manager scratching their head, we have a paypal payment but it does reconcile any place in TT. Camp Host did the right thing by issuing a refund when changing the RSVP. Are we missing the transaction some place?