Event Refunds To Money Accounts

With COVID-19, I had to refund some funds for a trip that was canceled. For those that paid via PayPal, I refund them their payment from the PayPal site. I then go into the event payments log and select “Refund” which removes them from the list of those who paid. No biggie there.

However, for those that paid with their TroopTrack Money Accounts, when I go into the event payments log and select “Refund” it does remove them from those who paid, but it does not credit the money back to their Money Account. I had to manually credit the money back in.

Is it possible for this to happen automatically or would this complicate things beyond what I am sure is an already complicated feature?

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This happened to me, too. Refunds are not going back to accounts. this is a major issue.
I just realized it is worse than that. It transfered the money from the troop primary account to the troop primary account instead of the scout’s account. Our accouint sheet is really messed up now.

It did not create a transfer transaction. It created two standard transactions. they are not even linked.
there is the tranaction out of the primary account and then it adds it back to the primary account.

Hello all,

Today, TroopTrack does not do that actual final refunding.

TroopTrack doesn’t automate the final refund to the refunded member. When clicking refund, TroopTrack reverses the payment from the event account, back into the troop primary account. But because there are various ways to refund for an item or event ticket (PayPal, Stripe / CC, or TroopTrack Money Account, cash, or even check) the actual refund is manually handled by troop leadership.

You can read more about refunds here: Refunds on TroopTrack

So once a refund is decided upon, we ask that troop leadership record that transaction manually within the troop primary account.

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if there are any questions about this.


Hi all,

The way TroopTrack handles refunds has been changed a bit.

Now when refunding, if the person has paid with a Scout account, then they get refunded to the Scout account.

This only applied to Scout Accounts, and not if they paid with PayPal/Stripe. If they paid with Paypal or Stripe you’ll still need to refund them accordingly through those two payment providers.


David Keener