FIXED: Issuing event refunds

One problem with the new shopping cart feature is we don’t know where to post refund transactions. I’m working on this - when you click refund it will ask you which account to post the refund transaction to. If you are going to refund actual money via Stripe, PayPal, Check, Cash, etc then you will want the transaction posting to your default account. If you are going to refund them with a credit, then you will want to post it to an appropriate money account.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.


How do you issue an event refund? The fee was charged using the Event Items feature.

I’m working on this tonight @watarzp655. I’m hoping I can get it all worked out and ready to release in the morning.

I’m going to walk through a refund. Here’s the original purchase:

You’ll notice there are three items here - two tickets to “Let’s camp” and one ticket to another event.

If I look at the “Let’s Camp” event payment page you see this:

In the event account you will see this:

Note the transfer from the main account to the event account for Sara Groove’s ticket.

Sara Groove can’t make it and needs a refund for herself and her friends. So I click the refund button. Here’s what happens next.

We reverse the transfer from the main account to the event account for Sara’s ticket. The event payments page looks like this:

And the event money account looks like this:

At this point in the process you will have to decide what to do with Sara’s money. You can refund it via Stripe/PayPal or you can transfer it to her money account. Either way, you will need to create the appropriate transaction manually.

This will go live tomorrow.