File Uploads - not sure I get the point

I’m a bit confused by Files in TT. I am hoping to allow parents to be able to upload files to TT rather than emailing them.

I am playing around with a parent account at the Household Access Level, and I added 2 Privileges:
Manage user files: Add and delete user-specific files
View user files: View user-specific files

So on that account, I can go to the user Profile/File and upload a document. But then what?

In my admin account, with all privileges enabled and the Unit Access Level, I cannot see the file uploaded by the parent. Other members of the household can see that file, but I don’t see why that would be useful. So I think am confused as to what the purpose of the File upload feature is.

Also, as a new troop using TT for the first time and I’ve become a steady reader of this community site. I am trying to track down the current state of uploading medical forms. I believe that this feature has been turned off now. Am I right about that? I see old references to it in the forum, but I don’t see any options for it on the platform currently.

Thanks in advance for the help

Check your user permissions. If you are an adm or a leader you should be able to see all files or all of your girl files if you are a multilevel troop with just permissions to one level. We upload our health forms to each girl as a pdf.

When logged in as your admin account, navigate to the individual users profile and select the Files tab, if you have all permissions then you will see any files that have been uploaded by that individual. This could be used for uploading medical forms, however those files are publicly accessible links, it would be difficult to discover the link however there is no security to access them.

Only Unit Admins have the ability to upload a digital medical form to an individuals Medical Form portion of the profile, the individual does not see that box unless given full privileges. This upload is also not secure and the link is accessible publicly to anyone who has the link.

For BSA the recommendation is to not digitize the Medical Forms, it is for this reason there hasn’t been any movement on changes with the Medical Form uploads in TT.

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Thanks for the replies. So now I understand how an admin can retrieve a file uploaded by a parent. Given that we would have to go into each individual’s profiles to do that, I’m not sure how/if we’ll be using that feature, but at least I understand how its supposed to work.

As for Medical forms, in my admin account I found the Medical Book under Quick Nav. That looks like we can use that to track medical forms that we receive outside the system. Then I was able to browse to a scout’s profile and I saw where an admin can upload a file into the medical form area, and confirmed that a parent with no permissions cannot see the medical form.

I’ll have to make a decision on how/if we use medical forms in TT. It sounds like it’s best to collect them outside the system and track them inside – especially given the notes on security above. If the only way to retrieve them is to go into each scout’s profile, I don’t think that is going to add a lot of utility for our advancement chair who ends up tracking this. If we could view all medical forms in one place in the app, that would make a big difference. And if parents could upload them, that would make a big difference. But without those abilities, the system will not be much of a help – at least for this process. Lot’s of other part of the system are working out well, though!

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I guess one suggestion that would make file uploads more useful is to allow an admin to view all user-uploaded files in one place. If I think about the documents that we want scouts and parents to submit, they are typically submitting them to one leader within the troop. It seems like a lot of work for that individual to have to go into each profile to retrieve a document from each scout.