I don’t know if this is already a feature but if it is, I may be missing it. I know there is Troop Documents that the whole troop can see. Is there a place for only Leader Documents, that only Leaders can see? Somewhere that we can upload what we talked about at our meetings, etc? But also be able to upload stuff for parents to see as well?


Hi @Adrianne,

Currently this is not an available feature. We are considering it though. Thank you for asking!



Matt, for individual use, can’t people upload files to their profile? Are there any kind of restrictions on file size or type?



Hi @sgaines,

If you have the privilege “Manage User Documents” you can upload files to user’s profiles. This is more for individual use and not like a shared space where leaders can view documents specific to them or their meeting. I think they are looking for something more along the lines of dropbox. It was good that you pointed this out, though. I forgot to mention it. Thank you.

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Thanks for the quick response @mlsully2002,

Agreed this solution would not work. My thought was individuals can store documents under their own profile. This at least provides a temporary holding place until a permanent solution is rolled out.



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I think it would be useful to create document storage where it can be designated who can see it. Examples: Committee meeting minutes that the CMs can see. Or Scoutmaster stuff that the SM and ASMs can see. Maybe it could work similar to mail lists that can be designated for all or a selected group.


I agree some place for certain documents to be uploaded like minutes and weekly meeting plans. Also, we do a program called the Knotmaster and it would be nice to have a spot to put it so people can get to it easily. I am still working not he website to figure that out.

For the weekly meeting plans a work around I am trying is uploading a picture into an album called Meeting plans and then linking to that picture. We shall see if it works.


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