"Leader" view level for documents

I would like to be able to upload our troop board minutes, but only have them viewable only by leaders. Is this possible?

You can control who is able to see documents based on that Users Access level. If all of your leaders have Unit, (or the highest level in your type of group) Access then you could set the document to that and only people with that access level could see it.

That would omit our Troop Coordinator and Treasurer.

The only level currently available that would include them is Troop but I don’t want the whole troop to have access.

Self is the level that would give access to everyone. Then it goes Household usually parents. At the next level I know different groups have different names. In BSA it’s Den/Patrol, then Unit. Whatever they are called the higher levels are typically assigned to fewer and fewer users. This is the only way to control the document access in TT.