Separate Calendars for Pack/Troop/Dens/Patrols

It would be nice to have separate calendars for the parent unit pack or troop and the dens or patrols. This would allow users to only see the calendars that they subscribe to. Scoutbook has this function and I would love to see it here.

One of the biggest complaints from parents/leaders is that they see all events for the unit and dens/patrols in the ical.


Yes, having a separate calendar for things like Merit Badge Classes that would be offered to members outside of our Troop would be very helpful.

This has been requested many other times in other threads. Add your like and comment to those threads as well so TT staff know this is a feature many would like.

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I need to search for those. This thread has showed up first, and I assumed would be the most active thread on the subject. Thanks for feedback,