FIXED: Attachment and Items to Buy - X's don't work on Event page, Advanced tab

hi @dave,

I am editing an event that was rescheduled for a new date, and was on the “Advanced” tab.

Because I am an inherent beta tester, I clicked on the plus sign next to “Event Items Available for Purchase” just to see what would happen. I am not able to delete the entry I created by clicking the X, and I can’t save my changes without entering an item to purchase.

Ditto for adding extra attachments. If I click on the plus sign next to “Add an Attachment” I cannot delete it by clicking on the blue X, and I am unable to save my event without selecting a file.

It looks like the X’s are not working.


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This is for Event #1132708

Thanks for reporting this. The fix will go live in a few minutes.

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