Formatting, links, attachments

I can’t get formatting, links, or attachments to work in calendar events or emails. There are no icons showing and when I cut and paste from word my formatting disappears!

Please help! We need to send out permission slips, etc.

I do see all of the formatting options when creating a Calendar event, this does not seem to be a site wide issue. Perhaps it is a browser issue. Do you have another browser you can try? What browser are you using?

Hi Aaron…

No, I don’t see the formatting options. (I used to…)

I have tried it on Chrome and Edge. Do you know a browser that works?

Thanks! Sarah

I would suggest looking up how to reset your browser. I have tried on a Mac with Chrome and it is working there, I am sure if this was affecting all Windows users we would see many more people in the Community posting about problems. Unfortunately it would appear to be something specific and local to your computer.

That worked! Thank you SO much!

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