FIXED: BSA Life (2016) is showing duplicate requirements

BSA Life (2016) is showing duplicate requirements 1 and 5.

Where are you seeing this? I just looked and do not see the same thing for any scouts I selected when viewing Details or Editing from a Scouts Profile, Advancements, Ranks, Life (2016).

I’m seeing that on a random # of scouts in my troop - not everyone - just the few I checked before submitting this post! At this point, I can’t see a pattern, but since it appears to only be certain members of my troop, and not universal, I’ll take it to the help desk to get whatever data fixed.

@paulggardner Fixed. Sorry it took so long!


No problem. Thanks for sticking with it. I knew as soon as Arron said he couldn’t see it this wasn’t going to be easy.