FIXED: Citizenship in the World Merit badge req 4c missing 8-9


The requirements list for the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge item 4c only includes 7
items, but BSA website lists 9 options. Several of the options in this list are a bit different than what is listed on TroopTrack Can you update Trooptrack to reflect the latest requirements for this merit badge?

4c.Select TWO of the following organizations and describe
their role in the world.
(1) The United Nations and UNICEF
(2) The World Court
(3) Interpol
(4) World Organization of the Scout Movement
(5) The World Health Organization
(6) Amnesty International
(7) The International Committee of the Red Cross
(8) CARE (Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere)
(9) European Union

Thank you for your attention to this!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. When were these updates made? It looks like Citizenship in the World is not one of the 2020 updates. Is this a 2018 or 2019 version?


This has been updated. You will now see two merit badges, one called Citizenship in the World (pre-2016) and the other Citizenship in the World. The Citizenship in the World is the new updated merit badge. The Citizenship in the World (pre-2016) is the older version. If you have started this merit badge with new scouts and want the newer version, you will need to make sure you are adding the Citizenship in the World to the scout’s profile.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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