Music Merit Badge does not match

Good evening!

I just finished teaching Music Merit Badge and noticed that the requirements here are missing #5. I use as my go to when I want to verify the book, if I need to. Troop Track Music Merit Badge is missing requirement #5 according to This is a relatively new requirement. :wink:

  1. Define for your counselor intellectual property (IP). Explain how to properly obtain and share recorded music.

That is all it says! Letting you know. WE LOVE Troop Track. I have 3 units using it and have been using it for over 5 years. Thank you for a wonderful application!

Julie Crouse

Hi @juliecrouse,

I can definitely help you out with that. I was able to get that requirement 5 added to the Music Merit Badge. Thanks for pointing that out for us.

Sorry for the long response time,

David Keener