FIXED: Event Fees are showing up as ZERO even when there is a fee

We have noticed this issue on our Sandy Hook event RSVP and also on another for Seabase deposits:
The Fee amount is showing up as $0.00 but we have a fee configured. When the Yes RSVP is made, of course the correct $25 Fee gets charged and accounted for, but this is confusing to parents.

Hi @kpkpkp,

That shows how much has been charged. When you press “Purchase Ticket” you can also put in guests and that will impact the fee charged.

OK, I see it under Details, but I could swear it used to show up in the RSVP box pre-purchase as well. Is this a false memory?

Your memory may be better than mine on this one. We do make changes based on customer requests and that may be one that was changed as a result of another feature. I honestly can’t remember.

We had this question come up too. Could you change the “Fee” label in the RSVP box to “Fee Paid” to make it more clear?

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Changing it tonight. Thanks @Craig.Lebakken