Paying For Past Events

Is there a way to have my members pay for past events? For example, the event happened but they were not able to pay due to lack of funds but we had their word they would pay (a Scout is Trustworthy) so we allowed them to attend. They now have the money and are able to pay but the site does not allow them to pay for the trip anymore. Is there a way this can be changed?

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General question, if someone doesn’t have enough funds does the “Purchase Ticket/RSVP” button keep them from going negative in their account?

Only if you have it checked off in the settings to not allow accounts to go negative.
When you go to Manage > Settings> Online Payments there’s a button to toggle for whether you allow to pay out of their individual accounts. If you toggle it to on then an option comes up that says “Allow members to overdraw their accounts when making payments?” You would toggle that to off and then it wouldn’t allow it to go through if they didn’t have enough money.

If you change the closing date on the event to a date in the future rather than a date in the past, you should be able to pay for it.

We don’t have any money accounts. Our unit operates on a pay as you go system. What I am asking is is there a way to go back into a past event on the calendar and pay?

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