FIXED: Missing Achievement Records - Girl Scout Junior Journey

I was reviewing achievement records and realized my girls did not have completion recorded for the Amuse journey. At first I thought I had forgotten to enter, but when I went to update, it doesn’t show on the list of options under the Junior Badges and Journeys. The Badge book has it listed as an option to earn, but when I click the link for the Amuse requirement, it goes to a page not found error. Can this be fixed so I can enter the Amuse completion for the girls and be able to track against their summit award?

@KelsieC Can you add this one?

@MegJakubik I have fixed the link to the award, but I’m still a bit confused. There are a lot of “Amuse” badges Juniors can earn. Can you help me understand which one you are referring to?

Amuse is a journey which is comprised of three parts. Badge Explorer info below:
Journey: aMUSE

In this Journey, you will:

  1. Explore roles you play in your life and try on new ones—play a role-playing game, invite actors to talk about the characters they’ve played, or learn to spot stereotypes on TV, in movies, or in ads.
  2. Plan a Take Action Project, such as putting on a performance that creatively urges an end to stereotyping, drawing a graphic novel to share with younger girls, or starting a “mix it up” day in the school cafeteria and having girls sit with new people.
  3. Earn 3 leadership awards: Reach Out!, Speak Out!, and Try Out!

Completion of the journey of Amuse also counts towards the completion of the summit award, which I believe is the only way to track work on Amuse at this point until this listing is fixed. It should be a stand along journey similar to Get Moving or Agent of Change with independent tracking for the journey along with the concurrent completion of a third of the summit award for the junior level.

Thanks @MegJakubik. I think I get it. Here’s how the requirements are now structured:

Ignore all the buttons. That’s the tool we use to enter achievements.

Do you happen to have the requirements for the three leadership awards in #3? I think we should put those in TroopTrack as well.

@dave To make it consistent with the other Journeys the 3 steps should be listed as Reach Out, Speak Out and Try Out. And the name should have (Story) after it. The info from Badge Explorer is more the purpose of the badge than the actual requirements. The requirements are so vague and personalized that it doesn’t make sense to list requirements for each of the sub-awards.

Thanks @gscrawley. Like this?

@dave Yes that is right.

Perfect! Thank you @gscrawley!

When you go into the badge book, these only show as 1, 2, 3. They really should be titled similarly to Agent of Change and Get Moving journeys.

Hi @MegJakubik,

Are you talking about the requirements that are listed? Are these requirements names instead of numbers?

Sorry for the long wait time, but I’d still love to help you out,

David Keener

It looks like it’s fixed now. Thank you

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