FIXED: Mobile - issue scrolling through manage dens

The member cards on the manage dens view take up nearly the full screen width on a phone. But if you start your touch on one of the cards the page does not scroll. Instead you have to select the background which is very little of the screen real estate. Need to be able to swipe and scroll on the entire page.

Not sure exactly what it looked like before but just checked it out on an iPhone and it is very clean looking, and selecting the different parts of the card it is obvious what you are getting and easy to click away.

It is not the look. It is that you can only scroll when initiating a swipe on a background element. If you start your touch on a member card it does not scroll. Confirmed on iPad and laptop touchscreen too.

This is an issue Because 90+% of the screen is taken up by the cards and it is very common to start the swipe on a card.

Got it. Does it work now for you? I was able to do it just now on my iPhone.