FIXED: PayPal is not working

I see that there is a thread for this under “ask a question” but not a bug. We are unable to do anything with PayPal, It keeps giving this error


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Yes! Please help fix it. We need a count and $ for our upcoming event and people can not pay.

Has there been any effort towards fixing this? We are not able to use our PayPal within TroopTrack.

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This specific issue was fixed back in March. As far as I know it is working.

The same thing is happening again. Please help.

I was wrong - this is broken again.

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Hello all,

Our technical staff has been notified and are currently working to fix this issue. Seems as though Paypal has changed something in the way they integrate. I will keep everyone updated as the situation changes.

Hi everyone. I’m sorry you are having trouble with PayPal. I have found the root cause of the problem. We use a code library that talks to PayPal, and it was handling values that were fractions of a dollar (i.e. 69.90) improperly and confusing PayPal. I have fixed the problem - please let us know if you have any further problems.



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Hi Dave,

I am still getting the same message when I try to deposit funds.

PayPal is still not working. Same message as the top or the thread.

Anyone else still having issues?

Paypal is posting the same message again when I try to checkout… Also I discovered that when and additional item is in the shopping cart I was unable to see the Calendar. It would return only after I emptied the cart .

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@hopwoodbsa Does it happen every time you try to check out? We’ve noticed some problems when people have multiple items in their cart. We have to send PayPal a link to tell it where to send you after you checkout, and if that link is too long PayPal rejects it. We’ve fixed that in TT4, which will be released in Q1.

Although, if you tried to use PayPal on the beta site this morning, it didn’t work because of a bug. I’ve since fixed it.

Got it. The Paypal link is working now. And when I have an item in the shopping cart I can see the calendar. However when I try to pay the event fee through the RSVP link it does not go into the shopping cart. It goes directly to the paypal link separate from the shopping cart.

Thanks @hopwoodbsa. We’re still working on the RSVP part of it. At the moment the only things that go in the shopping cart are event items. Give us a bit and we’ll have RSVPs going there too.

I’m also thinking about making a simple store for you to sell things, like uniforms.