FIXED: Transactions Not Showing on Payments Screen

On my Pack Blue and Gold Event:
I have several participants that RSVPd, paid through the Shopping Cart and show as RSVPd however none of the transactions show on the Attendance -> Manage Payments screen. The transactions do show up in the Money Account (9248615) that is assigned for this event, just odd they do not show up on the Event Payments Screen. The attached screenshot is the Payments screen with people I added manually, the $91 is total of everything that does show on the Payments screen and the $208 is the total in the Blue and Gold Account so it is calculating all of the other RSVPs they just aren’t showing up on the Payments page. I did make changes to this event after people had originally RSVPd that is why I added some and charged their accounts manually, so perhaps that is part of the issue but figured I would let you know I am seeing some odd behavior. I thought perhaps a browser issue so tried Chrome (Safari is my default) but still don’t see all of the transactions.

The fix is live. Check it out and let me know.

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Yes, now I am seeing all of the Transactions on the Payments Screen. Thanks.