PENDING: Payments Not Processing Correctly

People are going into events to pay for trips, but I don’t think they are it is not being processed through paypal.

Also, when they make a payment, whether that be to their money account or through paypal, the descriptions are not following the transaction. In the description field it used to match the item that was being paid for like a trip name, now it’s just a string of code. There is also no way to know if the transaction was charged through paypal or through a money account.

There is a possibly I’m making a wrong assumption on the actual nuts and bolts of the system but something is not working properly as it has in the past.

In the photo, the top transaction is what we get post TT4 and the bottom transaction is what we used to get…

Check out the Shopping Cart Category and the Explainer topics posted there to learn how the new Shopping Cart works.

I am also seeing another problem…

If I’m on the event page, and select attendance -> view all payments. I’m not seeing all payments listed, but if I download the spreadsheet data, I see them there.

Yea, I noticed the same thing for one of my events and submitted this topic.

I also wonder if there is confusion between the purchase through TroopTrack accounts and purchase through PayPal. Could the PayPal button be more prominent and better labeled?

@JustinWeaver @AaronStorey If a user checks out and doesn’t wait for PayPal to navigate back to TroopTrack (i.e. they close their browser before it happens or just go to another site) then that order will not be marked as paid. PayPal sends us an “Instant Payment Notification” after a while, but we weren’t handling those properly so that backup wasn’t working. I’ve deployed a fix for the IPN handler and hopefully that will correct this problem.

I’m still thinking about what to do for the PayPal button.