Forwarded Email

If I forward an email to our bulk email list, the email gets truncated and all message content is lost.

How do I configure this to allow Troop Trak to send forwarded email to the the mailing lists? Often times there is content from other sources that I want to share with the Crew.

There are several other threads with this same basic issue. TT is working to make improvements to the Mail system and has a couple different features in beta. The second feature Inbox replaces Magic mailing lists, custom mailing lists and mailboxes perhaps this new feature could change the behavior for forwarding e-mails.

When will these features be implemented?
Currently ALL formatting is lost when sending email to members through Troop Track and the intent of the sender is lost.

And we still don’t have the ability to forward email to troop track - all content of forwarded email gets lost.

It seems like both of these features are important, but we’ve heard nothing in the last 6 months.

@JeffBurt, when you say All formatting is lost when sending through TT, do you mean you create the message from Communicate, Send an E-Mail then use the box that shows up with formatting options and change font, color, size whatever but when the e-mail is received all of that is gone?

I usually create an email in my normal email client and then forward to the Troop Track’s externally visible email address.

If my email looks like the below 4 lines:

If I have a bulleted list like this

  1. item 1
  2. item 2
  3. item 3

The resultant email that gets delivered to the Crew members is similar to:

If I have a fulleted list like this 1. item 1 2. item 2 3. item 3

All indentation and vertical spacing is removed.

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Yes, I have noticed this as well, any message coming from outside all formatting is lost. I am not sure if any of the new e-mail features they are working on will address this. Unfortunately I have just had to create messages from inside TT and format accordingly if I want it to look like a message I got from outside. It would be great if it did work correctly where if we send a message from the outside to an allowed group that the formatting would be retained.

Its now almost the end of trhe year and I haven’t heard if or when this will be fixed.

Please share some informaton about when this will/could be expected?

There is currently testing going on with the new system. I will try it and see what happens and report back.