Redirecting a domain name to troop tracks

Our troop owns domain “” What do I need to do to use this simple name to direct people to our public page at “


Hi @CharlesSparks1,

You will need to go to your hosting provider or wherever you bought the domain name from and create a redirect through them to your TroopTrack subdomain. Typically it’s just a matter of filling in what url you’d like your domain name to forward to.

OR… Make a simple index.html / index.asp or whatever your provider uses on your
current site…

Use this code, and it will automatically forward from your current hosted page.



I’m going to hop on this thread. It’s really important to be able to use my Pack’s domain. TroopTrack should be an extension of my unit’s “brand.” It is confusing for my users - especially the email portion. I would think that it would be fairly simple using DNS. Is this in the functionality queue? This was table stakes with the provider I just left.

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Hi @enorthcraft,

You can use your own domain, but having it forward to your TroopTrack site is completely out of our hands. That’s just something you have to set up with your domain provider.

True, and I have done that. However, once the user hits the TT site everything is resolved to So I tell users to go to and then end up at something like this: It make it even more difficult if I’m trying to link to something like “contact us”. I should be able to provide a link such as, but instead I’d have to use the TT link that looks like above.

I understand this isn’t the main purpose of TT, but it would vastly improve the versatility of the product.

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I’m pretty sure you can cause the address “” to forward to a contact page you create in TroopTrack.

If you are talking about using TroopTrack like Wordpress, where you put your html and css files in your host root and then it shows up on TroopTrack, that’s a bit outside of what we are trying to do and would be extremely expensive to develop.

Maybe I misunderstand what you are talking about.

Just came across this thread and I agree with @enorthcraft. It would be great if TroopTrack supported full domain names, not just subdomains. In other words, rather than the site resolving to, it would resolve to and all pages on the site would have the pack’s domain name in the URL bar of the browser. As stated above, this makes bookmarking and sharing easier and also reduces confusion. We would be happy to pay a one-time fee for an SSL certificate in order to make this work. This would also positively impact email addresses - so we could seamlessly use "" rather than having to set up clunky email forwards to the email server. While I was not a big fan of SOAR, this is one of the areas they handled quite nicely (when registering our domain, we simply pointed the DNS servers over to SOAR’s and their system took care of mapping web and email).

I would love to be part of any beta or groups where this is being discussed further!

Loving TroopTrack so far… thanks for all you do!

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