Getting credit for Scout Leadership role

Probably a basic question so bear with me here…

Our Troop is busy evaluating TT as a replacement for our current solution. We’ve had an import of data from Scoutbook and I’m looking around at the data gaps and filling in where I need to. I have a Scout that has completed his POR requirement for Eagle, and I have (retrospectively) entered the Leadership role in TT, on the assumption that this will flow into the Eagle POR requirement and show it as Completed in the Eagle Acheivement. BUT…this isn’t happening, it still shows as incomplete. Am I missing something here? Does it not flow automatically because it was added retrospectively, or is this a feature that is lacking?

Edited to add that I would also expect to see time in the troop as a Life Scout flow into Eagle requirement #1, but that isn’t happening either.

Unfortunately non of that is programmed into the system. It would be a great feature.

Thanks @AaronStorey for confirming. That’s a disappointment, as it’s a key competitive feature that other platforms have.