How can a scout be in two patrols?

We have 8 patrols, plus a Vanguard patrol (the older boys). One vanguard is assigned to each patrol, and we want that scout to get patrol emails and see events for the patrol he is assigned to.

We can’t move him to that patrol because he has duties and events that are associated with the vanguard patrol.

For now, I’ve created dummy users (Patrol1 Vanguard, etc) and put that dummy scout in each patrol. Then I’ve created a custom mailing list for Patrol1Vanguard and assigned the specific scout to that email, and put as the email address for the dummy scout. However, this vanguard can not see the patrol events using this method (only gets the emails).

Is there some other way to do this that isn’t so hacky?


I would like the same abilities for our troop. I need a screen just for membership in our troop and another page that I can place girls and adults alike in more than one group. This functionality would be huge blessing for me administratively.

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Our Troop maintains a close relationship with a Venture Crew, to the point that we coordinate activities, specifically sign-ups for volunteer work.

Because some Scouts in the Troop are also part of the Venture Crew, we have a separately defined “Venture Crew” patrol defined under the Troop’s trooptrack account. It would be nice to be able to permit those Scouts that also participate with the Crew to be in both the Venture Crew “patrol” and their usual Troop patrol.

This would help with Venture Crew specific announcements.