Help, I had TT admin duties dumped on me and don't have proper access

I am the treasurer and have access to the money books and creating events. The person doing the rest of the TT tasks left and didn’t change my access. How do I get full access if the prior super user is gone? I need to add/remove members, create new email groups, update patrol members. . .
Thanks for guidance!


@KimDighero, First welcome to the TT Community. There are a large number of articles here that can help with many topics and then also a place to ask specific questions you can’t find answers too. This is mostly a user community and don’t have access to the TT admins. You will definitely need to send an e-mail to however in my experience they will not just make you an admin of your group as that is something handled by the group themselves. I would first suggest you reach out to the former person to ask them to give you full permissions, if that is not possible then I would suggest you send support as much information as you can to prove that you are in charge of the group and need access, any backup you can provide will make it easier for them to make an exception and grant you access. They may still try and contact the previous admin via e-mail to get authorization.

Thank you! I will try both approaches.