Renamed my login 'admin' - can no longer access it

from my user settings, I changed the account name to ‘admin’ - which was accepted by TroopTrack

after doing this, I realized that this account is for all of TroopTrack, and I suspect has been taken?

I’m unable to log in to the account (I do have access to the email account)

this feels like a bug, where the account rename may not be validating correctly? (or admin is a special account?)

I need to rename this acocunt

I have sent this over to TT admin.

@chgray I looked up your account and it’s not “admin”. Did you find a way to change it back? It’s still “chgray” as far as I can tell.

I may have gotten it working? I lost control of the account after renaming it to ‘admin’ - I used my wifes account to gain access, then deleted the admin account, and recreated the chgray

(at least thats what I think I did :))

could you confirm that the ‘chgray’ (username) and 'chgray@<popular_email>.com is the main admin account?

I’d thought I didnt have access fully b/c the docs say to manage a Patrol you go to Manage->Unit, and I only see Manage->Patrol, I’m feeling more confident that this is a doc bug?

I suppose the Doc could be updated to say Manage->(Patrol, Den, Unit) it depends on what type of group is accessing. Boy Scout is Patrol, BSA Pack is Den and American Heritage Girls is Unit so sometimes the language gets confused depending on what type of group you are.

Your account looks correct to me