Groups disappearing - Help!

We discovered one of our groups had disappeared and thinking it might be hard to get TT to look into it at this time, we just re-created it. Now, several days later, we find that our main adult group has also disappeared. Thoughts? worth trying to message TT? This isn’t good, it takes a lot of time to input, quick fixes or tips appreciated. TIA

Ok, re-doing our Adult Participant group as members are there under Quick Nav.
Added this group and another to our list of groups.
Clicking on each person’s name. Editing Registration info and adding groups.
People appear in the groups but the top bar show 0 people in group. How do we fix that to reflect the people we put in there? 28 so far and showing:

That looks like the Patrol, Den, Unit page from the Manage menu. That will only show Youth Participants, so an adult group will show zero. If you have a problem like something has disappeared always e-mail, however unless they are experiencing some kind of site wide issue the more likely cause is someone in your unit with full privileges removed it, perhaps thinking it was something else or an accidental click.

Hi Aaron,

  1. You are correct about the way I am utilizing the Patrol/Den/Unit feature as I’m not using TT in this case for scouting but another type of group website.
  2. I did email support but posted here too just in case you or someone had a magic solution.
  3. Unfortunately, it is a bug of some king because I guarantee that myself and the one other admin did not delete the group(s).
    Thank you, as always for your feedback!

Thank you also for shedding light that the Patrol, Den, Units do not show Adults. Never noticed before in my other scouting TT accounts. That is helpful information, and for my purposes odd that it is set up that way.

No problem. If you are only using it for adults then you could just make all adults “youth”, then the numbers would fill, if there are other adult specific things you are using it for, like positions, or achievements it wouldn’t work, just depends on how you are using that particular account. We have our BSA Troop setup where the adults are in their own “Patrol” and the Scouts are in theirs, at the Troop level we find that easier. For Cub Scouts we keep the parents in the Den with the scouts.

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Are we sure a filter hasn’t been set? Adults show up fine in my dens. I have a whole den of 40+ non-youth members. They only “disappear” when I set the filter by roles to only show youth.

Thanks for making me aware of filters. I don’t have any turned on. Aaron made me aware that TT default is to not show the Adults in the “Patrol” # count, which makes sense to me, but I wasn’t aware that was how it was set up. I don’t want to make the Adults into something else because we do use the email protection for parents/youth. The end result is that while my adults show up in the “Patrol” the number reflects only the youth.

The disappearing groups is still a mystery but we re-created them. My guess is there is a bug, and until it is fixed they may continue to vanish.