How do I update rank version - picture attached

Hi - how do I get a new version of a rank into a Scout’s profile. Attached is a screen shot of a new scout added in the last 6 weeks. Rank version is defaulting to 2016. I know in the past there was an option to update version within the Action button (specifically Eagle Palms). What am I missing?


Those are the current ranks, that was the last time a major change was made by BSA to all Ranks, there have been minor changes that I believe have been updated within TT just didn’t increment the year. When we were in transition it appeared under the Achieve Menu. I don’t remember exactly what it was named.

Hmm. There were several major and minor updates to ranks in 2022 that became mandatory in January 2023. One of the big changes is a new requirement to Tenderfoot. It is 5d. All ranks except Life have changed.

I will get the updates over to the TT admins to update them.

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