How long do imports generally take to process?

I signed up for a trial of TT earlier this week, and the very same day submitted a couple of files for import in order to generate a roster and start kicking the tires. How long does it usually take to process import files? I think I’m on day 4 of waiting now, and I am burning through my trial days without much to show for it yet.

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I am also waiting on on import. The last one took a bit. I requested another this morning, trying to get setup for our first meeting. I haven’t seen anything yet. I don’t want to have to manually type 50 people.

So the import is not automatic? You submit it and then it is processed by TT?

@dave There are a couple of these same questions here on TT, but I haven’t found an answer yet. Can anyone tell us how long it will take? I submitted mine twice, the first time I’m not 100% certain it went through. But the last one was a week ago and my people haven’t been imported yet. I’m almost to the point of manually entering the new families but I don’t want to end up with double people when the other one gets imported.


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Send an e-mail to, that may be a faster way to get a response from the TT admins.

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I kept thinking that my user import had not been completed, then went into manage Dens, and there they were under unassigned.

We normally process imports pretty quickly, but from mid-August to October our support requests go up 1000% and things take longer. We’re a small company, and this year is more difficult than usual because our support guy, David Keener, accepted a new job outside of TroopTrack.

@dave, Oh bummer David left, I really liked him. Good luck in finding a replacement.