TT not responding to emails

gt8324b - I agree with you. There should be a courtesy email copy sent for any inquiries submitted to TT. I sent a couple and never received a notification of receipt nor a courtesy copy, which makes it incredibly difficult to know what my submitted issues were now that it’s 2.5+ months later!

I share everyone’s frustration with the lack of response and support. I understand their situation with being down a staff member and it being the busy season, but we are beyond the “busy season”. Per Dave, busy season ends mid-October:

Granted, with Keener gone they are obviously backed up, but they are several months removed from his departure (which coincided with their “busy season”). They have a business to run and should have worked to remedy their situation as quickly as possible.

Removing their contact phone number was a bad move. Being non-responsive to inquiries is a bad move. They may be backed up, but this is a product they are being paid for and have to step up their game to hire the necessary people to continue to provide support to users. If they can’t do this, they won’t have users willing to pay for said product.

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