How to create a magic PLC list that includes SM

I’m trying to find the best way to build a PLC mailing list. It seems the magic “plc@” email list includes all youth leadership but not the Scoutmaster.
So for now I created a custom mailinglist (but I could not call it plc@ as that’s already a magic list) where I manually add all youth leaders and the SM. This seems double work.

What’s the best practice for getting a mailinglist that includes the SM as well as the PLC?

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It would be a Custom Mailing list and would need to be updated manually. You are able to change the name of a Magic Mailing List so if you would rather have a PLC list custom you could change the Magic to PLC2 and have a custom with PLC.

I would make a fake scout account, give them a leadership position and put in household of SM. SM should be copied. (assuming you have that option enabled in TT to copy parents on all emails)

That’s a great idea! In fact, I just made a youth account (with role Assistant Junior SM) with the SM’s email address directly. Also added him to the SM household just for added clarity. That fixes it!

So would the steps be something like:

Rename magic mailing list to
Create a custom list with members:

Is that along the lines of what you are suggesting?

This would break an important feature that I believe all mailing lists need however, and that is the need for a list-specific subject-line prefix, and a list-specific From field in the header so you can easily filter/sort e-mails by the list.

The first and second step but then it would unfortunately be adding the members and updating the members manually.

Oh, I see… Custom lists can only have selected members on it. They cannot send to a Magic List.

I think we need a way to manually add people to a magic list. The SM and in many cases the ASMs should be on the PLC list to be aware of what is going on there.

I can get that feedback over to the TT Admins, I do agree that it makes sense to have SM and ASM’s on the PLC Magic Mailing List.

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