How to Pull Basic Info with Custom Reports

We are looking at pulling customized reports. And so far, the only way we have been able to get the information we are after is to generate Member Details Report and then go through and create customized reports from that large file. We are after things like just pulling a girl’s name, address, birthday, and phone number to make our squad directory for families. Or just a girl’s name and birthday for our Pioneers/Patriots who are responsible for making birthday cards. They don’t need all the information, just name and birthday. Even pulling something simple like allergy reports.

Is there a way to do those kinds of things that is simpler than downloading the Member Details Report and having to go through line by line to get what we need?


Have you gone to Manage, Reports, All Reports and then select New Custom Report, you select the base type then it will allow you to enable or disable specific fields and you can save that as a Custom Report to run in the future.