Supporting a B and G Troop with Siblings

I’m the committee chair for a Troop that has both a B and G unit. We have siblings that involved in both B and G. So I need to have email lists and patrols that are parents of the B Troop and parents of the G troop. The problem is, I can’t put 1 person in 2 patrols. So how do I do this? Any ideas? I can create another patrol that is “parents of both B and G” but that becomes confusing. Do I duplicate the parents and create 2 households, one for each scout/unit? Trying to solve for this and I figured someone out there has already thought this through. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

You are correct you cannot put one user into two patrols. The best solution to this is to enable the option to copy parents on all messages sent to Scouts, that way even if the parent is not part of that Patrol they will get the message. This has been asked many times before and has been discussed by TT staff as a potential future addition, however no implementation date or specific information has been shared.

Thank you for your reply! I see that as an option (to copy all), but one that will not sit well with my respective Scoutmasters. The Bs and the Gs run separate programs, and the B unit is much bigger than the G. I can’t have the B parents copied on every G thing, can’t have the G parents copied on every B thing. Any other ideas? Do you see a problem with duplicating parents and doing separate households, or creating a patrol for parents with kids in both B and G units?

It would only go to those parents that had kids in both patrols, it would not go to everyone. It is still specific to the kids in the patrol. Any B+G parent would get an e-mail for anything sent in the B or G patrol but a B only parent would only get things sent to the B patrol, and then same for G only parents would only get G patrol items. It is a setting not an option for specific events. Gear Icon, Edit Settings, TroopTrack Settings. Depending on your permissions you may not see it.


Again, Aaron, thank you! I think that Basic Email Setting will work! I appreciate your time and sharing your knowledge with me.