IA - troop with Boys and Girls

I’m very new to the advancement. It seems IA2.0 is working…however, I get an error because I have ID’s for girls and boys, but my advancement position only allows me to access the boys’ roster. How do I upload to Scoutbok with ID’s for both girls and boys? Do I need access to the girls as well and it will work?

As far as BSA is concerned the Boys Troop and Girls Troop are separate entities with different Rosters and ID numbers. Yes, you will need access to both Troops in scoutbook.scouting.org if you are in charge of Advancements for both Units.
If your Charter has chosen to use one TT account and just add in the Girls then you will need to do a bit of work on the TT end in order to make this work. When doing Achieve IA 2.0 Advancement Reports and Create a Report, you will need to go through and uncheck all of the Girls if you are planning to submit a Boys Advancement File, and vice versa for the Girls. Then take those individual files and upload them to the individual Troops. The reason it would error out on the BSA side is that the Girls are not registered in the Boys Troop, their ID numbers do not show up. I seem to remember seeing some previous posts about changing TT to allow for using one account for both Units but since BSA treats them as separate so does TT, and TT does a discount for a second unit from the same Charter that purchase at the same time. I understand the idea of keeping them together for simplicity especially if many of the events and leadership are the same for both Units, in that case it is just necessary to work through the other issue of how to submit advancements properly to BSA.