Maybe/Possibly Coming Response Missing

The Maybe response option seems to have disappeared completely. I know the block with Maybe responders has been missing for a while but folks could still choose Maybe and we could sort of figure it out from the Attendance page. For events created within the last few weeks, Maybe is no longer an option - only Yes and No.

We do have the “Allow members to use Maybe/Possibly Coming as an RSVP option (For events with no payment requirement)” option ON in our site’s TroopTrack Settings.

Yes, the dev team is working on this solution. The first step was to remove the Maybe/Possibly option because it was causing more confusion given the block did not show up in the event. The next is to get the block and RSVP option to come up when the setting is switched on and both be gone when the setting is switched off.

This work has been completed. If you would like to allow people to RSVP as Possibly Going then enable the setting in TroopTrack Settings. This will only work for events with no fee.