Important PayPal Integration Change (10/23/2015)

This morning we are introducing an important change to the PayPal payment integration. Previously, the PayPal payment happened as a "popup" window on TroopTrack. The idea was to make your payment seamless in the same way Stripe payments are seamless, but unfortunately it didn't work out well on many fronts - it caused user confusion, was unattractive, was unreliable, and most importantly, was not consistent with what most people expect PayPal payments to be like. When you pay with PayPal, you are used to going to to complete payment and then coming back.

So we ripped out the "embedded" payments this morning and replaced them with a more traditional workflow. We think this will be much less problematic.

Please note that it is still important that users click the "return" button after completing their transactions, at least for now. Over the weekend I will start working on removing this restriction.

We really appreciate everyone who provided feedback about the PayPal payment process. Thank you!