Signup Sheet suggestions

When looking at your front page, I noticed that you claim that TroopTrack is a replacement for Signup Genius. But Signup Genius is much easier than TT when handling tasks.

Right now, you have to enter the task as a full name of the task. But Signup Genius has a separate field for Task Name, Time, Description. And all the tasks are sorted by the Time field. If you want to list all the tasks in time order on TT, you have to make sure to enter them all in the right order. And if you need to add a task, well, hopefully, it’s at a time near the end of the task.

Also, there needs to be a warning or message after you edit an existing Signup Sheet that explains whether the tasks would be removed or not. Right now, it looks as if the tasks would all be cleared out if I edit the original Sign-up sheet description or invitees.

Lastly, we need a way to send a reminder out in two ways:

  1. Let everyone invited know which tasks are still needed.
  2. Remind those who volunteered of their tasks.
    I’d think you could have an “Email” button on the signup sheet that would then allow you to select which type of message goes out and let’s you add a comment to the message as well.



I agree!

I especially agree with being able to add the description to the task. Currently I have to put the description for ALL tasks together in the description field, and most parents are not going to read through all that text.

The reminders are the important thing. I would absolutely love a feature that like (not the newsletter). Just like we can email specific members who have or have not RSVPd it would be nice to do that with signups as well!


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll bring it up to the developers.

I second the suggestions for signup sheets, and in case someone hasn’t mentioned this yet, it would be very helpful to have a date tied to the task in this manner, for example: We have parents bring a snack and drink to each meeting, and it would be great if there was a date field in the signup, rather than having to put it in the task name itself. That way the system could be configured to send reminders to the person who signed up as their date to bring snack draws near (as others have requested).


Separate date/time fields for each task, sortable by date/time, would be very helpful! Make it more of a table format to make it sortable by task name, time, etc…

Like it!