Sign-Ups suggestions

I have noticed past comments about sign ups suggested that the origibal assignment to signup for something be deleted once the person has actually signed up. This seems to still be an issue. We’d love to use this for an upcoming service potluck but it does not seem ready. Ideally, the name of the event from the original assignment would stay while the detail about what they actually sign up to bring would simply be added rather than making a new line with the same date and seemingly unrelated. This could be very powerful. Also, adding an extra place for people to state what specific item they are bringing could be good. So, the sign-up asks for 3 desserts. Let each person who signs up add a note saying “brownies” or “cake”. Allow this detail to show up on their dashboard. So, dashboard could first show:

Service Potluck/Sept 17, 2016/Please sign-up to bring something

And then, after they sign up, it would show:

Service Potluck/Sept 17, 2016/Dessert: brownies



Another thought: can we please have a way to link a sign-up sheet to a calendar event? Typically, I would think sign-ups would be linked to events: camping (who;s bringing tents?), parties (who’s bringing the cupcakes?) etc.


That would be great if the sign up sheets linked to the calendar. It would enable families to view calendar and see who is bringing what for the event


I agree that, on the dashboard it shows:

Sample Signup mm/dd/yyyy 'Details’
Fruit Tray mm/dd/yyyy 'Details’
Chips mm/dd/yyyy ‘Details’

When Fruit Tray and Chips were selected from Sample Signup. It makes it look like there are three different signups.

Linking to the calendar entry would be good also.

Finally, this is a new request, in addition to all of the above it would be good if a quantity could be selected as well. For example if I list “1 Dozen Cookies” and put quantity 4 it would be good if someone wants to sign up for all four they could.

It seems like they can do this by selecting ‘Volunteer’ for the same item over and over. But the problem with this is they then have a separate line item for each on of the same item which they need to scan through to see how many of an item they signed up for.


I also have another request. If I create a signup for an event where I want people to volunteer for stuff, at the end of the event, it seems as if I need to delete the sign up to make the Assignments go away. But that requires me, the next year, to remember everything from the year before and retype everything.

It would be good if it could be closed and listed in a Past Signups area so it could be reactivated and edited the following year.


YES, as they stay listed on each persons task list even after the even is closed.