Include allergy notes in "Details & RSVP" event summary?

Just stumbled across the allergy notes field under Manage > Reports > Medical Report. I can scroll through all parents’ and girls’ allergies, which is great.

Would be helpful to have the allergy notes shown on the Details & RSVP screen for an event, for all attendees who have RSVP’ed Yes to that event.

It would also be great if you could add an option under “Actions” to export Allergy Notes as a .csv for those who have RSVP’ed Yes, so that the relevant info could be easily included in an Emergency Preparedness Plan.



Can I add on to this request?

We just entered all our medical form dates and entered allergy notes so that we could do a report for each unit with this information. Unfortunately, when we filter the medical report by unit, it reverts back to the whole troop for the .pdf. It would be great to be able to customize this!

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack ,

I am looking at allergy info again, and am no longer able to see the allergy notes displayed in Manage > Reports > Medical Book. I only see the dates for Parts A, B & C.

We are going to use our “Allergy Note” field to indicate who needs to use an Epi-pen so that event organizers are aware of severe health concerns.

I would like to be able to see the Allergy Note field either on Medical Book, or preferably under Plan > Calendar > Event Details > Attendance > Invitees Medical Book.

Thank you!

Hi @mwestcott,

You’ll find allergy info by clicking on “manage”, “reports” and clicking “all reports”. You can then scroll down to canned reports and generate a medical report, which has allergy information.


David Keener

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Thank you! Is there a way to export this info?

HI @mwestcott,

All reports can be exported by clicking on “actions” and “pdf”. Then you can download or print the pdf file.


David Keener